What is a typical Calvary Christian Academy student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Calvary Christian Academy.


Anonymous, Student, Calvary Christian Academy, Class of 2016

The typical student at CCA is very energetic and loving. If you are person who loves to laugh and make other people laugh you should definitely attend CCA. Even if you are not, here at CCA we embrace you for who you are.

Anonymous, Student, Calvary Christian Academy, Class of 2016

I don't think there is a typical student at CCA. Everyone has their own way of doing thing and we just find some way we connect. I would say someone with an open minded and truthful personality would be a good fit for Calvary. It's easier to be yourself around other but you still have to understand the differences you might have.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Calvary Christian Academy

Students at Calvary Christian Academy are fun, respectful and eager to share their faith with others. They focus on high academic achievements as well as community outreach and leadership skills. Anyone interested in a Christ-centered education and the opportunity to lead others should consider attending.

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