Would you recommend attending Fort Dorchester High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Fort Dorchester High School, Class of 2016

of course! my school is the best of all the state, we have the best teachers, and the environment is so peaceful

Anonymous, Student, Fort Dorchester High School, Class of 2016

I would not recommend attending Fort Dorchester High School. Although much of the faculty is warm and cares about the individual students, the administration is not. In my experience, I was made to feel like a number whose importance was defined by how much money the school would gain through my GPA and test scores. I felt that the administration as a whole did not care about the arts at all and did not care about clubs or other interests of students that would not bring in money. I felt that those in charge were far more concerned with politics than the physical and emotional well-being of the students they were supposed to be looking out for. I feel that my experience at Fort Dorchester High School was not completely unpleasant, but it was diminishing.

Anonymous, Student, Fort Dorchester High School, Class of 2017

I most definitely would recommend attending Fort Dorchester High School. I would never leave Fort for another high school, no matter what opportunity arose. The teachers are superb, the classes and the school itself are both excellent, the atmosphere advocates a learning experience for everyone, and the administration and staff are all very supportive of all its students in helping them achieve their goals in life.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Fort Dorchester High School

I would, without hesitation, recommend attending Fort Dorchester High School. The opportunities at FDHS, in my opinion, far exceed those of any other area high school. For example, FDHS has the International Baccalaureate (IB) program which is known world-wide for its rigorous curriculum and creating students who are immensely prepared for college thus, elevating them to the top pick status of the college application process. Also, Fort Dorchester High School is a vastly diverse school with students from all different race, religion, and socioeconomic backgrounds. FDHS promotes positive relations between students of all backgrounds and fosters understanding and compassion among all students. The principal, Bert Postell, has a real compassion for his students and wants to see them succeed in their high school years. He has put programs in place to assist students in meeting their education goals and assuring that they do not fail. His "failure is not an option" mentality is shared throughout his entire organization of faculty and staff alike. If a student does not complete their high school education and receive their high school diploma from FDHS, it will be due to their own sheer lack of desire to do so. FDHS is a wonderful high school filled with supportive and caring teachers and principals that care about the education and success of ALL of the their students.

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