I am the enrollment director of Rochester Christian School and I am looking to modify our information. How do I do this?


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Hi, When you say you want to modify your information regarding Rochester, I am assuming that you are talking about the enrollment process for students in your school. If so, I would suggest a couple of things to consider.

1.) Take your existing information / document that you want to modify and categorize each item into two separate stacks. One is mandatory information needed and the other is something like nice to have.

With the mandatory information, you may need to look at your school's policy and procedures or bi-laws to see what is actually required. From there I would suggest taking a peek at the state laws to make sure that nothing is left out by accident. (In some instances laws have been updated and not the policy and procedures).

For the nice to have stack, consider things that would make the office and teacher's live easier and more importantly efficient. An email account is a prime example where many school districts still don't have it on their registration documents.

2.) Once you have done this task, then do a google search for similar documents that interest you the most. Then take those components such as format or extra nice to have questions that you like and modify your existing document. Be sure to stick a huge DRAFT on it so that folks know it is not finalized as well as put the date on it.

3.) When you have your document ready for final review, I would advise you to have your principal, pastor or person(s) who is responsible for allowing any school wide changes to the document approve it. This takes the weight off of you and if there is something else missing or needs to be deleted, you can adjust as needed.

4.) After final approval, the staff members who would have the need to get briefed with the new updated need an overview about the old and the new document. Depending on how many changes, it could be something as a sit down or a small workshop so that everyone is caught up to speed. Having handouts available is a huge help for those that may forget and need a gentle reminder.

5.) Lastly, post it on locations (i.e. school website) where parents can access it so that they can have the necessary information ready rather than making multiple trips to the school for enrollment.

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