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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend St Olaf College?


Anonymous, Student, St Olaf College, Class of 2019

The rigorous academics, the great student base, and the tradition and heritage of the school. Overall, St. Olaf is an excellent school, and that is why I chose to attend.

Anonymous, Student, St Olaf College, Class of 2016

St. Olaf provides rigorous academics with plenty of opportunities to study on and off campus and provides even more for interdisciplinary studies. It promotes a active discussion towards current controversies and ways to improve the world for the future on local and global scales. The extracurricular activities available create a welcoming community that provides new learning experiences outside of academia that prepare for any possible future you could imagine.

Anonymous, Student, St Olaf College, Class of 2019

St. Olaf is an emerging power in liberal arts circles, as they are rated highly in sciences and even rank #1 in Mathematics at liberal arts colleges. St. Olaf has amazing music programs and ensembles - I had heard of St. Olaf's choirs in high school years before I even thought of attending. St. Olaf has extensive and ingrained study abroad programs ranging from one month to one year where anyone can participate regardless of their major.

Anonymous, Student, St Olaf College, Class of 2018

It is small enough to where there is a strong sense of community, you get a ton of quality interaction with your professors, and it is a beautiful campus with tons of fun squirrels!

Anonymous, Student, St Olaf College, Class of 2017

  1. Someone should attend St Olaf because you are always learning. Inside and outside the classroom, educational discussions take place. From the on-campus coffee shop to the lounges in every dorm to the nights spent around an empty Pause pizza box in your dorm room, there are always discussions. With discussions ranging from the process of determining the change in entropy in a system to debating whether the "politically correct phrase" is actually demeaning to crisis situations across the world, you will always be learning more about yourself, your classmates, and others in the world.
  2. Someone should attend St Olaf if they want to feel connected to their professors. The professors are here to simply do research and move on up in their field. They want to teach the next generation. Their top priority is making sure you will succeed in their class. They will work around your schedule to help you complete homework or study for a test. If you are overburdened with assignments in a particular week, they often give you more time to study and complete assignments or tests.
  3. Someone should attend St Olaf because they want exposure the world and all the issues that go with it. St Olaf pushes students to study abroad during January term or semester programs. They encourage global engagement and discussion with international students on-campus and at sister schools across the world.
Anonymous, Student, St Olaf College, Class of 2018

St Olaf has a strong community where students care about each other, the professors are knowledgeable and care about their students, and St Olaf provides opportunities for students to try out all sorts of classes and studying abroad.

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