Are uniforms required at this school?


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Understanding our Uniform Policy

Because the teen years are marked by independence and self-expression, teenagers generally reject the idea of a uniform since it restricts their individuality and forces a sense of conformity on them at a time when they struggle to define themselves.

In spite of this reality, it is important to communicate the importance of a uniform in the larger context of what Springfield Catholic prepares our students for. We consider pride in one's appearance to be an essential mark of the mature person, and expect that each student will reflect that pride by consistently manifesting a respectable and appropriate appearance in matters of dress.

Springfield Catholic uniquely brings together the academic, spiritual, athletic and extracurricular, successfully integrating learning, faith, and service. From the first moment a student sets foot in the school, he or she gets the impression of entering a formative environment, one illuminated by the light of faith.

This atmosphere is vital to the whole learning process, but especially in the formation of Christian attitudes and values, as well as affirming our Catholic identity. Ideally, this sense of structured formation of the whole Christian person should be understood as a seamless continuation of the primary educational experience of so many of our students who were formed in the Springfield Catholic school system.

Springfield Catholic has established a code of dress and appearance conducive to a serious scholastic and values-oriented environment. The uniform positively contributes to this effort by forming character and instilling a sense of self-discipline that empowers students to develop an appreciation for the greater good of all. It also promotes those skills and graces that are needed to act responsibly and successfully in adult society.

For Detailed information on the Dress Code see the Student Handbook

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