Describe the type of student who should attend Ball State University. Why?



Partying is part of the "college experience" but that doesn't help you graduate. I'm attending Ball State University with the full intention to graduate. The type of person who I think should attend Ball State is someone who is hard-working and someone who is there to get there work done. They should be outgoing and be able to have fun without partying. Someone who is a good trustworthy and respectable person is someone who I think should attend Ball State University.

Anonymous, Student, Ball State University, Class of 2018

Career driven people and students who plan on and love being involved on campus should attend Ball State University. Ball State offers an incredible amount of clubs and opportunities that will help people expand their skills while also creating life long friendships in the process. There's virtually a club for everything activity and major and the people there are all about helping you to succeed in your future career and more importantly, life!

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