What is a typical Central Catholic High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Central Catholic High School.


Anonymous, Student, Central Catholic High School, Class of 2016

Students at Central Catholic High School are a lot different than I had expected them to be. I say this, because it is a private school and students and private schools are usually stereotyped as "rich and snobby." My junior year I transferred to Central Catholic from a public high school, not knowing a single person. A lot of my friends kept saying how snobby people would be, but it turns out students there are not that way at all! They all took me right into there arms and were happy to introduce me to new people and help me throughout my rough transition. I am extremely thankful for this. The type of person who should attend this school is a person of very kind nature. Most people at Central Catholic are amazing people who will no doubt change the world in a positive way some day. Carpe Diem. If you want to "seize the day" and change the world, Central Catholic High School is the perfect match for you.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Central Catholic High School

The typical CCHS student is a young man who is striving to become a man of faith, scholarship and service. He has strong convictions regarding his faith and believes that he is part of a brotherhood, all working together to serve God and others before himself. He has a strong work ethic and is willing to go above and beyond to be the best academic student, son and friend that he can be. He knows that commitment will take him far and he is loyal to all that have helped him along his journey. He serves as a leader to those who will follow him and looks forward to the day that he will call himself an alumni. He knows that his high school experience will catapult him to his college experience and appreciates his time at Central while always looking to the future. He like his brothers will always represent Central in the highest regard and be proud of the men they have become.

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