Will the University of Tennessee - Knoxville be able to accommodate an abbreviated amount of time for working toward an MBA?


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While most part-time MBA programs require a commitment of two years or longer, the Professional MBA at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville is designed for working professionals who’d like to get their careers on the fast track to success. Start to finish, the program can be completed in 16 months while attending classes on the weekends only.

The price for such an expedited completion time is a seriously intense program. Thanks to UT Knoxville’s trademarked High Compression Learning method, students will experience a broad foundation of business knowledge in an exceptionally fast-paced program. The program proceeds in a lockstep format, meaning classmates move together through the coursework in a pre-determined order. Each student studies a broad range of disciplines in an integrated approach.

In addition to the short completion time, the Professional MBA program is relatively inexpensive at just $45,000. That combination of speed and low cost makes a part-time MBA from UT Knoxville a great value.

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