What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Arkansas State University-Mountain Home?


Anonymous, Student, Arkansas State University-Mountain Home, Class of 2015

The top three things that students from ASU-Mountain Home do for fun are camping, kayaking, and swimming. The smell of the river, the sound of the rapids, and the sight of the most beautiful hills are what our small Ozark town is all about. We enjoy being outside as much as possible. Whether you are out on a boat or hiking in the hills there is always something to do in our twin lakes area. We have two golf courses, a few different tennis facilities, an abundance of small town businesses, and better than anything you can see is when you feel the heart of our community. I can not speak for everyone in this area but if I could only choose three things I would definitely choose camping next to the river after a long float with a campfire and great friends that I had swam with all day.

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