Describe the type of student who should attend Radford University. Why?



I believe college is not for everyone, some people are better off getting a skill and working in those types of fields instead of going to college and getting into so much debt that they can't pay off. I think hard working, well rounded people should attend Redford. People with good vibes and ready to succeed their goals.


I think every type of students should attend Radford. There are so many opportunities on campus to get involved, whether it is a type of club, Greek Life, or even to get one-on-one explanations from professors. All the professors are really nice and are willing to help, if you ask. Everyone is nice, from what I've experienced.

Anonymous, Student, Radford University, Class of 2017

Anyone and everyone! RU is a very inclusive school and everyone feels welcome here. There is a major and club for everyone. I love my school and I'm so happy I'm here!

Anonymous, Student, Radford University, Class of 2018

A student that is very people oriented that is professional, yet is willing to have fun and work hard.

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