Describe the type of student who should not attend Wharton County Junior College and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Wharton County Junior College, Class of 2019

Wharton County Junior College is a great college for nearly all students. It is of a modest size, in a great location, and most of all, affordable. So it follows that a student who should not attend this particular college would be one not accustomed to a more personalized approach to their education. A student who dislikes the personal relationships that can develop between students and professors at a smaller college like Wharton County Junior College might find themselves a bit unsettled here. Furthermore, a student accustomed to living in a city might find the less crowded streets of Wharton to be a lonely sight. The laid back style of the town might be interpreted as boring and the drive to Houston too far for a student used to life in a city. Lastly, if a student has been granted enough financial aid to make another college more affordable than Wharton County Junior College, it would only make sense for them to go to that college instead of here. So students who prefer and are well acquainted with life in a city and students given the opportunity for a cheaper education elsewhere may want to consider other colleges.

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