Asked about: Molloy College

Describe the type of student who should attend Molloy College. Why?



Molloy fosters growth and individuality. The campus is small, as are the classes. The professors are kind, warm and generous; they will always lend their time to help. Our campus has its own culture. Everyone holds the door open for the person behind them, and the people they see coming. We smile and say thank you. We excersize our manners and reverence for those around us. Molloy is for the student that is kind-hearted and community oriented. It is for the people who want to learn, who want to be pushed to their potential. Molloy is a place for those who want to feel at home on campus surrounded by smiling faces and open minds. Molloy may be small, but it is a place where students are made to feel big, empowered and ready.

Anonymous, Student, Molloy College, Class of 2018

Molloy College is for a student who is very focused on school and wants a very small community. All of the professors know you by name and it is a very close knit community. Everyone is very focused on their studies and doing well and excelling in their classes.

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