What is a typical North Hagerstown High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend North Hagerstown High School.


Anonymous, Student, North Hagerstown High School, Class of 2015

Well you have to really focus on staying on top of your work. In the beginning of the day you feel kind of sluggish but you still have to book it to class. Even thought it starts at 8:45 it still is a hard time getting there if you are running late. Stay out of drama because there is a lot of it sometimes and kids like to get in to fights at times for entertainment. Also you have to stay on top of your projects that any teacher gives you. Reason is because it is better to just get your work done as soon as you get it so you do not put it off for later. After that you just have to stay awake in the morning and focus after they give you breakfast, which is sooo nice by the way, and listen to the teacher. The mornings go pretty fast if you like your classes and if you can have a good lunch you are usually able to make it through the day. Overall though you just have to stay positive and focused and do not worry to much about other negative people have to say because in four years it will not matter anyway. Due to the fact that you will never see them again!! haha :)

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