What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Clearwater Christian College?


Anonymous, Student, Clearwater Christian College, Class of 2018

The main reason a person should attend Clearwater Christian College is because of its full focus on God. For any Christian, this should be a main factor when deciding on the right college for them. This is the all-encompassing reason for attending CCC or a similar school. There are three reasons why someone should attend this school (which are subcategories of the main reason), and they are: 1. They would be spiritually challenged as they pursue a degree at Clearwater. 2. They would receive excellent education from faculty and staff members that care deeply about their relationship with Christ. 3. They would be able to encourage and uplift other Christians around them at school, and they would be able to demonstrate this to nonbelievers within the community, or even those at CCC.

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