What is a typical Richard Gahr High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Richard Gahr High School.


Anonymous, Student, Richard Gahr High School, Class of 2016

Richard Gahr High School is one of the most diverse schools I have ever been too. Coming from a middle school that was infested with Asians, Gahr High School is the complete opposite. We almost have every ethnicity you can think of. This diversity at Gahr is a huge plus as it makes it easier for new students to adapt to the school environment. Thus, any type of person should consider attending Gahr High School. We have so many programs to offer. We have over 30 clubs and are looking for more striving students to create more. We are a STEAM Magnet School and offer numerous AP courses to our students. A typical Gahr High School student is friendly, studious, and outgoing. If you are a new student, there is absolutely no way that you will not fit in because at Gahr, we are friendly. If you are looking for a place to go during snack or lunch, head to the Associated Student Body (ASB) room. We will definitely welcome you there.

Anonymous, Student, Richard Gahr High School, Class of 2015

A typical student would be very accepting of diversity and would be eager to share experiences with the rest of the community. They are trained to be open and social with other students.

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