Asked about: Fontbonne Academy

What is a typical Fontbonne Academy student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Fontbonne Academy.


Anonymous, Student, Fontbonne Academy, Class of 2016

A Fontbonne Academy student is a "woman of courage made strong". In the four years of high school, we are taught to be independent and willing to try new things. We are motived and want to learn as much as we can.

Anonymous, Student, Fontbonne Academy, Class of 2016

A typical Fontbonne Academy student must take pride in who she is as a person and be open to growing. As a private all-female school, there is a strong emphasis of each person growing to be a woman of courage and to help their dear neighbor. Education is emphasized and prioritized over all else in order to prepare each girl with the materials needed for their future. If planning to attend Fontbonne Academy, a person must be willing to grow with their morals and beliefs. Challenging themselves constantly and pushing limits are not rare for a student.

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