What was your experience at Pelham Memorial High School?


Alex Bargmann, Alum, 2007

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I had a great experience at PMHS. While I don't have any other points of comparison, I think it's an exceptional high school. It's small, about 750 people. The teachers are, for the most part, brilliant and dedicated. The school offers the gamut of AP courses and sends students to top tier schools: Ivies, elite public schools, and liberal arts schools.

Even as a small school, it has some really exceptional sports programs - during my time, the football, lacrosse, track, ice hockey, and tennis programs were competing in sectionals and even state championships in some cases.

It's still high school, so I don't remember the 4 years as particularly exceptional periods of my life, but as an alum I certainly am grateful for the time I spent there and the base it set me up with to continue from High School.

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