What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Cleveland Institute of Art?


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Going out to eat with friends, mostly. There is Coventry, a street of stores and restaurants that is about a 10 minute bus drive from the campus (school provides a bus pass). Some of the places there are really unique such as Big Fun, that sells retro toys and video games. The school also hosts movie nights every month or so, and hosts movies that either currently playing in theaters or were recently played in theaters but not out yet for DVD. Last movie that played was Jurassic World, and before that it was Inside Out. Tickets and concession are free. There is also no shortage on museums, with the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Museum of Natural History, and the Botanical Gardens all within walking distance, and you can get in free with your student ID.

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  1. Go to one of the museums, like the Art History Museum, Natural History Museum, or Botanical Gardens that is free with your student pass. 2. Any number of the activities the school puts on for students, (Movie Nights, attending guest speakers). 3. Go to Coventry, a street that has lots of shops and good places to eat that is less than a 10 minute bus ride from the campus.
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Do art, learn new artistic skills, learn the business of art. Amongst meeting new cleveland institute of art students, along with providing information for new upcoming students. Also going to galleries in the area for internships, also for art events.

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bowling in the union with a view of the famous MOCA building(where you can go for free), go to the world class Cleveland Museum of Art always free! and eat amazing gelato and bakery in Little Italy just a quick walk up the street.

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The first and foremost answer to this question would be Art. Its a private art college after all, the number one thing your guaranteed to see everyone enjoy is their respective field of art. The second answer, Exploring and Wandering the Neighborhood. The school resides in a big ovular complex of shops, various food joints, and attractions. Being surrounded by it all, its hard not to go around check out everything. The third but definitely not the least answer, Field Activities. With plenty of wide open fields around the area, you can gather a bunch of classmates or close friends and do a bunch of different field games and activities such as sports, discussions, rallies, or performances.

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