Which 3 extracurricular activities at Bartlett High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Bartlett High School, Class of 2017

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Anonymous, Student, Bartlett High School, Class of 2016

Football, Basketball, and Baseball are more than likely the most popular extracurricular activities. I would encourage people to participate in Wrestling and Theater. I have taken part in both activities and have nothing but good things to say about them.

Anonymous, Student, Bartlett High School, Class of 2016

Key Club, Peer Leaders, and Health Occupations Students of America are the most popular extracurricular activities. I would recommend all of the above activities because they help increase activity and contribution to the community as well as joining cross country, a no-cut sport that teaches discipline, determination, and mental endurance.

Anonymous, Student, Bartlett High School, Class of 2016

In Bartlett High School their are many extracurricular activities that are really fun and exciting for one the Best Buddies is an organization which lets us hang out with the special needs kids. Another fun activity is the Special Olympics which lets us have fun with some awesome people despite their challenges, and one more activity that I consider to be fun and very involving with the students and the school is the pep rally which brings all the students together with the teachers and showing all their support towards the athlete's and the band and everyone giving love and support towards one another. If it were up to me I would definitely recommend these extracurricular activities to everyone.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Bartlett High School

At Bartlett there extracurricular activities that are fun and welcomed for everyone and anyone. One of the most popular ones is DDF (Drama, Debate, and Forensics). It's a club for anyone interested in debating, acting, drama or public speaking. Another activity that is very famous at Bartlett is the Bartlett Football team. It's for both boys and girls and everyone practices, goes to games, people cheer Team Bartlett on, and everyone has fun playing and participating. The third most popular activity is Student Government. This is a class and an extracurricular activity also. The people in this club are the ones who plan and host Bartlett's dances, like Homecoming and Prom, and also Bartlett's spirit week and Pep assemblies. There are many more clubs at Bartlett that you can join. I would recommend Adventure Club because you get to go outside to hike, bike, ski and do a lot of outdoor activities. You can also join Bartlett's cheer leading club/team. They are nice, welcoming and they always have fun cheering for Bartlett. Anyone is welcomed in any clubs or activities, whether it is a sport or just for fun.

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