What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Brandeis University?


Jack William, UNi

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Anonymous, Student, Brandeis University, Class of 2018

1) Everyone is kind and welcoming. 2) Brandeis's unique size fosters tight-knit communities without feeling too small. 3) The professors are incredibly smart and care deeply about each individual persons education.

Anonymous, Student, Brandeis University, Class of 2015

The professors are the experts in their fields and actually care about student needs The students form a very caring community and all are welcome The university can feel both big and small at the same time

Anonymous, Student, Brandeis University, Class of 2019

  1. Amazing environment-everyone is very helpful and nice to each other.
  2. Great academics. It's still a newborn university for people but it's reputation is excellent.
  3. Just a fun place to be. So many different classes and activities that there isn't one thing a person will not find and genuinely enjoy. (I mean there's a cheese club!)
Anonymous, Student, Brandeis University, Class of 2017

While Brandeis is located right outside Boston, it is still far enough to retain its own community feeling. Also, people are very friendly and truly drive you to achieve more than you could possibly believe yourself capable of. Last, but certainly not least, you could live in a castle. Like...an honest to God, actual, stone castle converted into a student dormitory. I mean, how cool is that?!

Anonymous, Student, Brandeis University, Class of 2017

The top reason to attend Brandeis is because of its academics. Brandeis professors conduct some of the most innovative research in the United States in every field from Economics to Neuroscience. The opportunities for students to get involved in classes and research opportunities related to their respective fields of interest are uncountable. Another reason to attend Brandeis is the student population. Most students at Brandeis are friendly, accepting, and come from diverse backgrounds. Students are down to earth and easy going, but are at the same time passionate and intense when it comes to school work. Last but not least, the faculty at Brandeis is amazing. All faculty members truly care about their students, are approachable, and willing to help students with almost anything.

Anonymous, Student, Brandeis University, Class of 2018

Three reasons are that we are a very warm and loving community, we are very involved with the community outside of our campus (locally and around the world through different organizations), and because we care about everyone and are supportive of people.

Anonymous, Student, Brandeis University, Class of 2015

The first reason why someone should attend Brandeis University is because it is a top academic institution that challenges all students that attend. Another reason people should consider Brandeis is because it brings people out of their confort zones through introducing new ideas to them. Brandeis is famous for the arts that it promotes and the people that have gone through this University. The final reason someone should come to Brandeis is because Brandeisians have a very connected network of people to turn to after college. People stay in touch and always return to their university to check for new leaders.

Anonymous, Student, Brandeis University, Class of 2018

The three top reasons a person should attend Brandeis university is because the majority of students are kind and friendly, the teachers all seem to be very experienced, and the campus is very beautiful.

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