Describe the type of student who should attend University of Michigan-Flint. Why?



I was scared to apply to the University of Michigan-Flint; growing up being home schooled I wasn't sure how I would do in the public school system. I'll never forget filling out my application, writing an essay, and then being informed that I had been accepted into the great University of Michigan family. The University of Michigan-Flint has opened up new doors to me and has taught me confidence and hard work. I truly believe that any student who has a hard working heart and is wanting to better themselves by learning more should attend the University of Michigan-Flint. The day that I applied and was accepted was the first day of this ever life changing journey, one that I am happy I took the courage to make and one that I will encourage others to make. In short, I believe that you who have a dream and are looking to find out who you are should apply and attend because the teachers there will help you and support you through this chaotic walk and transition in life.

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