What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Central Penn College?


Anonymous, Student, Central Penn College, Class of 2018

Students should attend Central Penn because the want to be successful, earn a degree in a short amount of time, and have a high chance of entering the work force.

Anonymous, Student, Central Penn College, Class of 2018

Some should attend if they really want to earn they degree faster. Also, if you want to get hands on your attended major you should come here. If u just want to have fun and earn you degree come to central penn.

Anonymous, Student, Central Penn College, Class of 2016

Some of the top three reasons you would want to attend Central Penn College are: term based schedule which will allow someone to finish sooner than traditional semester based schedule. Also the online classes are available make learning outside the traditional classroom easier. Blended night time classes offer flexibility for the student who needs a little more one on one with an instructor.

Anonymous, Student, Central Penn College, Class of 2019

Students should attend Central Penn College because the school offers programs in which you are able to complete at your own pace as well as their semesters or terms are of a faster pace allowing students to graduate earlier than other four year degree schools. Additionally the advisors both admittance and financial advisors are very helpful and knowledgeable of each program. The process to enter into the school is simple and efficient as well. As a single mother of whom works full time, I've found that the admittance process has been a breeze. As well as for some programs students are able to use their current work skills to apply towards a class in order to save on tuition as well as minimize the amount of time it will take to graduate.

Anonymous, Student, Central Penn College, Class of 2019

Central Penn College makes its mark on the career path of students. There are several departments where students can go to receive career therapy and information regarding job placement and searches. Central Penn College also pairs students with the best in Business, Therapy, Criminal Justice, and Law. A student seeking a degree in these fields will have a pleasant and crucial look into those areas. Central Penn hits hard on the leadership aspect of their students. Teaching important skills like guiding, communication, self-confidence, and professionalism are all characteristics of the Central Penn experience.

Anonymous, Student, Central Penn College, Class of 2015

1) A more accelerated program will allow an individual to obtain their degree in a shorter amount of time. 2) Professors are very helpful and willing to give students tools needed to succeed. 3) 2 Internships are required to graduate.

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