What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Gateway Community College?


Anonymous, Student, Gateway Community College, Class of 2019

Plenty of students participate in various college clubs. There are also activities outside of school that are more recreational. The more artistic students enjoy various museums and galleries along Roosevelt Row, the Historic District, And all along the Dowtown Phoenix area. First Friday is a favorite for everyone where downtown comes alive with special events and live music. My Foodie companions live for shopping at the open farmer's market or trying new places to dine whether it's a cafe, a bar or an outdoor event at seemingly random locations downtown. Not to mention the opportunity to get together during March Madness and other sporting events has long been a tradition for college students. And finally, a lot of students get together to study which is not only beneficial for everyone, but fun to study in a group. Those things may not sound like the typical college fun that most people experience, but that's our fun and our normal.

Anonymous, Student, Gateway Community College, Class of 2016

  1. Play soccer and football on the green
  2. Watch movies on the green at night
  3. The Human Library, twice a year.

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