Describe the type of student who should attend West Virginia University. Why?


Anonymous, Student, West Virginia University, Class of 2018

West Virginia University is known for its party reputation. If you come here to party I promise you will fail out. To be a student at West Virginia University you need to be hardworking and I do not just mean hardworking in the classroom. You need to bring that hardworking mentality outside of the classroom and it apply it to the rest of your studies. There is so much to offer here at WVU. If you are hardworking and a little outgoing then West Virginia University is right for you.

Anonymous, Student, West Virginia University, Class of 2020

West Virginia University is a very diverse school where anybody and everybody is equally accepted into the student population. Before coming here I did not know what it was like being around so many people from other countries, some do not even speak english yet. WVU manages to accommodate every culture that wants to have a chance at high education, that in itself is amazing. So to answer the question, West Virginia University does not really have a "type" because they make everyone feel welcome whether you are from Saudi Arabia or San Francisco.

Anonymous, Student, West Virginia University, Class of 2018

The type of student that should attend WVU, is a student that wants to excel in their field of study. While at WVU, I have learned to juggle study, working, exercise and have been able to enjoy being a mountaineer.

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