I'm a twin, and my parents insisted that schools place my brother and me in separate classes. If it's possible, is this the right choice for all twins (or other multiples)? Can it be a good decision socially but not academically, or vice versa?


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Many public schools automatically separate twins so they have a chance to grow socially without each other. The feeling is that yes, having twins together would be a hindrance to them socially and possibly a distraction for the class.

But my daughter's Montessori keeps twins together, and I actually like that approach. Since Montessori classrooms have a range of ages together, they try to keep all siblings together if they're within the age range. I think it helps them learn teamwork that can extend to family life, and it's definitely easier for parents to manage the classroom responsibilities of one teacher vs. two. The focus is on building a community that works together, and in that kind of situation I think it's great to keep multiples in the same class.

In the end, I think it depends on the individual kids and what their teachers and parents think will work for them.

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That is a good question. I have not seen any research that shows a significant difference between the two, but I think there should be several things to consider.

First, would you or your brother distract each other if you were in the same class? Second, are you both able to perform the same academically? Third, do your parents have a reason that you are not aware of for you being separated. Fourth, are one of you socially dependent on each other? In other words, does one of you need to branch out from being shy?

I've actually seen it both ways. Twins (or triplets) together or separated, but I think the whole picture needs to be considered. Don't be afraid to ask them. It is a good question and a fair one at that. So if and when you do decide to ask them, be respectful and sincere.

Good luck.

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