Asked about: Rocky Hill School

What is a typical Rocky Hill School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Rocky Hill School.


Anonymous, Student, Rocky Hill School, Class of 2017

The typical Rocky Hill student is very active in not only the school community but also the greater community around RHS. The schools motto, "Know Thyself" is really amplified throughout each individual. The typical student eager for knowledge, hands-on teaching, and character building should attend Rocky Hill because of the Harkness program in each classroom. Harkness is a method that enables students to live and carry out the motto of the school and come together as a piece of the community.

Anonymous, Student, Rocky Hill School, Class of 2017

Rocky Hill School is filled with many different types of people, however, we all mesh together surprisingly well. Our small community creates the perfect opportunity to form close relationships with other students. Students are athletes, performers, and engineers at Rocky Hill. The type of teaching at Rocky Hill shows students how to confidently present and defend their opinions and how to effectively have a conversation with others. We are a college preparatory school so there are higher expectations, which creates very determined students. Overall, students at Rocky Hill are very different but share many of the same desires and qualities that make them achieve whatever they want to.

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