Describe the type of student who should attend Florida International University. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Florida International University, Class of 2016

A student that is looking go to university filled with diversity and experience professionals in each area of study. Florida International University is an university and a research institution, so the professors in your classes are always researching what currently is going on and finding new and game-changing practices in their field. These makes the learning experience fun and interesting.

Anonymous, Student, Florida International University, Class of 2018

The type of student that should attend Florida International University should be a student who wishes to accomplish their dream. Florida International University is a community of students who value hard work and education. As a Florida-International student myself, I have been surrounded by friendly and supportive students who share my passion for computing programming and sciences. The environment will inspire any student to work with integrity and professionalism.


Florida International University is rich in diversity and education. Someone who should attend FIU is someone who is open minded and would love to learn about other people and their culture. Being a current student at FIU I have learned so much from my classmates and it makes me feel like I'm back in my country due to the diversity and the different cultures in just one classroom. FIU is a great school and I am proud to be a panther!


Someone willing to get their education done and taken seriously. This is one of my favorite schools and it forces you to be on your top game. Therefore someone willing to get their act together and take the amazing college experience for a whole should go to my university


"Worlds Ahead" - that has been the slogan of Florida International University since I enrolled four years ago. To be honest, I didn't really understand what it meant when I was a freshman. I was more concerned with trying to figure out what I wanted to be, make friends, and pass my classes. I didn't realize that this motto was actually an essential value being instilled in me from day one. So what does it mean to be worlds ahead? It means the vision you have for your life sees beyond a good job. Worlds ahead means you know the value of diversity and are eager to embrace it in every aspect of your life.

I came into FIU thinking I knew what I wanted. Pass my classes, get my degree, and get a job. It didn't take too long for me to see it wasn't going to be that simple. College is not a drive through where you pick what you want, pay your bill, and haul out. Making the choice to pursue higher education is so much more than picking a major. Even more than being motivated or developing a skill set. Sure, these things are important for a student in any college. However, an FIU student must be ready to embrace that their path goes beyond a degree or profitable career. An FIU law student doesn't graduate with their future 401K in mind but with a passion to bring justice to those who need it. An FIU computer science student doesn't just want to work for Google, they want to empower young minds with ground breaking ideas. FIU students understand that the path we choose has the potential to impact more lives than we ever thought imaginable.

Students coming into FIU should be wide-eyed and open to diversity. Every day on campus, I encountered more and more people from different walks of life. Whether meeting teachers that were African and Middle Eastern, or students who were Hindu or Rastafarian, the notion that the world is becoming a much smaller place proved to be a fact. FIU is truly an international university and I love it. I'm proud to have friends with different world views than mine, different traditions and cultures than mine. More importantly, I am prepared to adapt my skills in organizational communication and marketing to various cultures because my university has enabled me to do so. This is true for all FIU alumni. As the globalization of society continues to expand, FIU encourages its students to be well equipped in their studies and career.

The type of student that should attend Florida International University is motivated by influence, not income. They understand that the uniqueness of individuals are valuable to reaching their goals. They are agents of change; a force of diversity and awareness in our generation. No matter the state in which they entered, the type of student that should attend FIU, is determined to leave better, not just for themselves, but for the worlds ahead.


The type of student who should go to FIU is either very in touch with their hispanic or willing to immerse themselves in another culture. Having grown up in Florida my whole life, Spanish culture has always been around me. It is even more prevalent at FIU where walking through the halls you hear people talking in Spanish on one side and English on the other. There are so many elements of Spanish culture from the food, to the people, and the language that it can give a real appreciation for it.


The type of student that should attend FIU is a student who loves diversity and can quickly adjust to the many opportunities FIU offers. People often consider Miami being the melting pot, but I believe FIU is the very center of the large melting pot. As you walk the campus you will run into so many different people its amazing. Also, FIU has an abundance of clubs/organizations that help you to become involved and build your resume.

Anonymous, Student, Florida International University, Class of 2019

The panther nation of FIU is a great collage pieced together with thousands of talented, vibrant, and inspiring young hopefuls of the future. Its halls are fill with sociable scholars, academically charged enthusiasts, and all around brilliant students and personalities from all walks of life. With the vast array of people that grace the classrooms, halls and labs of the panther nation, it is nearly impossible to not find a group of collegiate adventurers that don't share your interest, but even harder so not to find pleasant individuals from whom you can learn so much and build lifelong friendships. So to describe the type of student who goes to FIU some may say it can't be done, because we are all so innately and uniquely distinguished. However what can be said is, to be a part of the panther family, is to be a part of a bond that makes us identifiable as a one nation of many different origins. It is that immense pride and strong sense of unity through diversity, that we feel a sense of duty to build on the legacy of that nation and more and more people to its ranks each year. A panther becomes more than just a person but a myriad of talent to be strengthened shared and given to the world.

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