I am trying to find a high school location and they sent me to this site? Can you help me please?


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Thanks for visiting Noodle to search for a high school near you.

If you're looking for a high school, you can go to our school search home page, https://www.noodle.com/schools, where you sort by grade level, location, public/private/charter, and other factors. If there's a specific school you have in mind, try typing it into the search bar at the top of this page.

Individual school profiles will have data from a variety of sources, including some reviews from parents and students at the school. With your Noodle account, you can "Follow" schools you're interested in to receive updates about them or ask questions to receive expert answers at no cost.

Anonymous, help

please help me in finding the location of this high school please ,

Anonymous, help

looking for a high school location

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