Can you offer suggestions for the best elementary schools within 10 miles of Riverport Drive, Maryland Heights, MO 63043?


Michael Schoch, Answers questions on Noodle

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Using the Noodle school finder I found a list of elementary schools within 10 miles of your address. Noodle offers a report card for many of the public schools that rates attributes like quality of education, social climate, and student outcomes.

You can find a comprehensive list of schools in your area on the City of Maryland Heights website and a list of the top rated schools in the city on this site.

To find specific statistical and enrollment info for individual schools, try clicking the "datasources" link at the bottom of each school's Noodle profile.

To give you a more definitive answer, I can say that it looks like McKelvey Elementary is well-rated and generally well-regarded.

I hope that gives you some options to explore! You can also get some ideas from the finding an elementary school topic page on Noodle.

Good luck!

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