Asked about: North High School

What is a typical North High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend North High School.


Anonymous, Student, North High School, Class of 2016

North High is filled a lot of different types of students, but what I feel that it is filled with is a lot of "tough", or so they think they are tough people. They cant stand when a teacher says something to them , they always have to make a big scene in class for something so simple. They don't ever want too do there work , the just sit there on there phone or listening to music. That's not all the students there but majority of the students there are the "tough" people.

Anonymous, Student, North High School, Class of 2016

North is an amazing school that does not discriminate against gender, religion, wealth, or race-- as some schools do. We have a saying at North: "IBMEUBU" -- I be me you be you. This saying helps each student become their own person and does not put a label for a "typical" student. The type of person that should attend North is one that is welling to join the student body for the best and is welling to give 100% of there might everyday. Once a Redskin; Always a Redskin!

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