What is a typical Cristo Rey High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Cristo Rey High School.


Anonymous, Student, Cristo Rey High School, Class of 2017

The typical student at Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School is usually the one who is doing their homework the last minute. Cristo Rey students do their homework last minute because they were either lazy, or they forgot their was a homework assignment in Latin class. This student is by no means less than or greater than anybody else, they're just doing what they can in oder to pass the class. Each student at Cristo Rey can agree in saying that they have done their homework during school and this is also because homework is weighed greatly in his/her grade. Cristo Rey is a college prep high school, and every grade on an assignment matters greatly. We've all done this and have at least said or thought once, " I'd rather be given half credit for an assignment than to be given no credit at all." This student is showing humility and respect because they know that they are not perfect. They know that the fight for getting full credit is a going to be hard because that opportunity has passed and is no longer optional; instead, they take the high road. They show that the fight worth fighting for isn't with the teacher, but with themselves for not having that self esteem to push pass the sleepy, heavy eyelids and drink 5 hour energy. So instead they do their homework last minute, which is so typical of Cristo Rey student.

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