What is a typical Albuquerque High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Albuquerque High School.


Anonymous, Student, Albuquerque High School, Class of 2016

Albuquerque High is known for it high intensity pride for its sports and school spirit. The typical students at Albuquerque High School are always on top their work towards their education. The typical student is very energetic for their peer students during sports games to make sure the crowd is loud for the team. Students tend to work together to get homework done and to study for tests and quizzes. The type of person that should attend Albuquerque High should be out going and ready for attention. Students should be on their best behavior on behalf of their teachers and to keep the reputation of the schools spirit alive.

Anonymous, Student, Albuquerque High School, Class of 2017

This is not a question that can easily be answered. Every student is different. Some students focus on their grades and only that. Others participate in extracurricular activities, drama, band, and sports. Some students don't show up often and need extra encouragement to get work done. Even in my group of friends, we are all different. My friend Selena is smart and involved with volleyball, which is her life. My friend Jacob is smart but he gets hung up on girls too often. I am shy and I'm pushing myself to get good grades to get into medical school to become a pediatrician. Most of the kids at Albuquerque High are nice kids that you can smile at in the halls but none of us are the same.

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