What is a typical Princeton University student like? Describe the type of person that should attend Princeton University.


Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2018

I'd say the typical Princeton student is academically ambitious and easily stretches him/herself too thin. Many enter afraid of getting B's or C's, but after a year, many have realized that grades are not the most important thing in life and are much more approachable and less stressed. I think that anyone who is motivated, good at time-management, and is interested in a wide range of subjects should attend Princeton.

Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2019

Smart, overachiever, self-starter. Interested in making a difference in the world. Intellectual. Involved. Accomplished.

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Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2017

A perfectionist. They're a high achiever, and push themselves very hard. They're humble about their achievements, while at the same time competing for more acclaim.

Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2017

The only thing every person at Princeton has in common is passion: everyone is passion about something, be it curing cancer, playing piano, or eating. Beyond that there is no "typical" student--everyone is so unique

Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2018

The typical Princeton student is heavily devoted to extracurriculars in high school and is often equally eager to participate in various activities while in college. They attempt to strike a balance with rigorous academics and often obsessively worry about their grades and assignments. Nonetheless, working hard is paired with equally hard "play," and students are not afraid to have fun. Overall, I consider the Princeton student to be extremely well-rounded both in their activities and their personality, and are neither overly serious nor overly light-hearted.

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