Which 3 extracurricular activities at Christian Learning Center are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Christian Learning Center, Class of 2016

                                        After the Bell has Chimed

The three most popular extracurricular activities are basketball, track and field, and Math Relays at Christian Learning Center. The students at my school are actively participating in these various events continuously throughout the year. Students (including myself) of all ages and all diversity enjoy these strenuous mental and physical challenges. As a mustang, it is part of our duty to strive to conquer these goals to the best of our abilities with Christian attitude and character. After the bell has chimed, a new world awakens inside the halls, classrooms, and gym of CLC. The most strenuous sport in my opinion is basketball. Endless stair laps and line drills are the most painful challenges to push through in this sport. At Christian Learning Center, basketball is an art. It is the sport the fans love and enjoy the most. My team is extremely dedicated to this sport, spending countless hours in the gym during the season and off-season shooting free-throws and baskets. Basketball is one of the most popular extracurricular activities for the hard-core Mustang. Track and field is one of the newest additions to the Mustang extracurricular list. It is also one of the most quickly approved sports. The students extremely enjoyed track and field and dedicated a lot of time in preparation. I can vouch that this sport is harder than I expected, but it is enjoyable to watch various events with friends in the warm sun. This sport is not the most extreme extracurricular activity but it is takes a lot of work ethic. Lastly, math relays are the third extracurricular activity. This is one of my personal favorites. Instead of brawn, this activity includes a lot of brains. Studying in the classrooms during the after-school hours is enjoyable and exciting. Winning any event at Math Relays makes me extremely excited. Hearing my name called for different awards including group relays is fantastic. Knowing that I can succeed on my own and as a group is rewarding. This makes me realize that I am ready to take on more responsibilities as I begin college this fall with my classmates. Basketball, track and field, and math relays are all extracurricular activities that I would highly recommend to any student entering junior high or high school. These are activities that are good team building exercises and self-motivation. After the 4:10 bell has chimed, the halls are packed with students holding basketballs, running for track and field, and holding calculators all preparing for the upcoming activity. Any of these extracurricular activities are great depictions of being a Christian Learning Center mustang!

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