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Enrolling your child in public school is not always straightforward, so Noodle has created a library of resources to help. Check out our expert article about enrolling your child in school. The timing and process differs from district to district, not to mention state to state. The best thing to do is to confirm with the school what the district website reports. You can reach the administrative office at this phone number: (256) 593-4912.

Public school districts are required to enroll students throughout the school year, but the exact school placement is up to the district to decide. This means that you may be able to enter your neighborhood school after the start of the academic year, or you may be sent to another district school for the remainder of the year. Many schools have restrictions on when you can enroll, and the main period for enrollment for students starting school in the fall is early spring.

Some information is only shared very close to the start of school, such as classroom assignments. For Sloman Elementary School, class lists are posted on the front door of the school's main entrance on August 1st. A week later is Parents' Orientation, and then school usually begins the following week.

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