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Do you provide transportation? Do you accept kids with an IEP?


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I wasn't able to find a Riverside school at the address listed on its Noodle profile. This location and phone number seem to belong to a hospital. However I did find Cedar Riverside Community School in Minneapolis. All public schools are required to accommodate IEPs--Cedar Riverside does have special education teachers though I couldn't get more specific information on the department's resources. To learn more, about special education and transportation services, try calling the school at (612) 339-5767.

You can find a list of schools in New Hope, MN on Noodle. The Robbinsdale School District provides public education to the area. The district does offer transportation to students and you can learn more about specific routes and boundaries on the transportation services page.

Similarly, the school has a special education department that absolutely works with students with IEPs.

Best of luck. Don't hesitate to ask a follow up question if get stuck or need more info!

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