What is a typical Gretchen Whitney High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Gretchen Whitney High School.


Anonymous, Student, Gretchen Whitney High School, Class of 2019

A typical Gretchen Whitney High School person is a quiet and mouse-ish person. Whitney is known as the "nerd school", and that, unfortunately, really does describe Whitney. Although most of us are nerds, we do enjoy doing many other things, such as joining a robotics club and competing in a competition, or joining the chess club and having a place to hang out during lunch, or even joining the MUN team and attending conferences. Although some people can't look past the fact that Whitney students are all different kinds or nerdy, that's OK. We enjoy being nerds. If you enjoy being not bullied, or being forced into a cliche, then Whitney is the school for you. Just be sure that you are hard working and enjoy homework.

Anonymous, Student, Gretchen Whitney High School, Class of 2018

By being one of the top high school in California, only the best of the best are accepted straight out of elementary school to join the middle school program and eventually the high school program. With the school's mission to "prepare academically proficient students for entrance to and success at their best-match colleges or universities", classes are college level with teachers identical to college professors. Students are constantly barraged with college talks by the school councilors every quarter starting from 7th grade.

This leads to a typical student at the school to be studious, organized, highly intelligent, and very mature. Most people are focused on how to make themselves appealing to their future colleges. Because of this many students spend most of their time studying for their PSAT, SAT, CAHSEE, and AP exams, worrying about their GPA, and using their leisure time to invest in extracurriculars that will attract admission officers.

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