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I have 11 year old twin boys. Will I have to pay full tuition for each? How do I apply for financial aide and scholarship funding? Does the school provide pick-up and drop-off transportation? What is the minimum GPA required for acceptance? Are there any international or STEM programs offered?


Josh Harbour, The Banff School Administration

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The Banff School provides a sibling discount for all of our families. We use FACTS Management ( to assess Financial Aid and Scholarship eligibility and you can apply for these programs as part of the application process. We do not provide transportation for our students for drop-off or pick-up, however, we do offer extended care hours: students can be dropped off as early as 7am each morning and picked up as late as 6pm. This service is provided for a small charge and after-school care also includes a "homework room" time where students can get additional, teacher-led help with the completion of their weekly assignments. Each student considering admission to The Banff School will not be assessed on a specific GPA score for admission, however they do need to be working on-level with their specified grade and be able to pass the Stanford Achievement Test with a satisfactory level of proficiency. All students in our Lower School (K-5) and Upper School (6-12) have STEM-based curriculum with such enhancements as Robotics courses and program-specific field trips to area science and engineering labs for hands-on learning. For more information, please contact our Admissions Coordinator at [email protected]

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