Would you recommend attending New Berlin High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, New Berlin High School, Class of 2016

I would certainly recommend New berlin West High school. The people I've met, staff and students, have changed my life in ways I cannot even imagine. The staff does an awesome job in making sure you learn the necessary materials in order to succeed in the class and future classes. The AP course selection is seemingly endless, so it's easy to find a college level course you're interested in. The AP level teachers are really dedicated to working with their students to ensure they have the best possible chance of passing the dreaded national exams in May. My peers at NBW are now considered part of my family rather than simply someone I got to school with. Throughout four years if highschool, we've all become so close and bonded by attending sporting events together or even being in different clubs together. Some say that highschool friendships won't last, but I have a feeling due to the fact that geaduating class sizes are small, that many friendships will be retained. The facility is also top-notch. Recently the school received an upgrade, including a new pool, indoor track inside a huge fieldhouse, a Performing arts center, and continuously upgrading the technology for classrooms. Each classroom is well equipped with a Smart Board projector and screen and plenty of desks for every student in the class. Workspace is also never an issue due to the large size of classrooms. The school itself provides alot of technologies and resources that a student has access to that can help them succeed while still making friendships along the way.

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