Describe the type of student who should attend Trinity High School. Why?


Anonymous, Parent of student at Trinity High School

The clip below shows why students should attend trinity high school. The boys in this video are the types of students at this school. They are raising for money for a classmate that just passed away after a 4 year battle with leukemia. His wish was to have the game room at Kosair Childrens Hospital redone so while other kids who are getting chemo could play games in a comfortable setting. Their goal was to raise $10,000 but are well over $20,000 with the sale of the shirts they created. There compassion, careing spirit and selflessness is what this school is all about. enjoy the clip

Anonymous, Student, Trinity High School, Class of 2017

Any teenager who believes in having a strong connection with God should attend Trinity High School. Religion has a very strong presents in our school. It is the only one in our district, maybe in the whole state, that takes the time out of a busy schedule to take each grade on a 1 to 2 day trip to a camp ground and strengthen their connection with their faith and with each other. Not only is Trinity concerned about a students faith, but Trinity also has a mandatory program called the Pre-professional Internship program which helps the students gain skills and experience in the work force. During freshman year, the student takes a class called Communications For Success. This class is for training students on necessary skills before they go out into an internship and the work force. You will learn how to make a resume, how to act and speak during an interview, and the rules for internships dealing with the medical field such as HIPPA. During sophomore, Junior and Senior year students leave school once a week and go to their internships for the whole day and do similar tasks as a normal employee would be doing. This program really helps those who already know what they want to do as a career when they leave high school, for example I want to be an interpreter and a translator when I am older. I went to my teachers in charge of the program and ask if they could find an internship dealing with Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing people. Even though I had to wait a while for my teachers to find me such a specific work place dealing with deaf people, I am finally the first person in my school who is currently learning and using American Sign Language in a work enviornement.

Anonymous, Student, Trinity High School, Class of 2016

Trinity High School is an all girl school which challenges young women to seek faith, knowledge and truth. To guide young women in developing skills for lifelong learning and an ethic of care and the desire for excellence in a college prep environment.

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