What is a typical Detroit Cristo Rey High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Detroit Cristo Rey High School.


Anonymous, Student, Detroit Cristo Rey High School, Class of 2016

A typical student at Detroit Cristo Rey isn't what the staff make them out to be. The promoters of the school make us out to be angels that are respectful and really care about the community as well as to our best in all we do. In reality from what I have observed is the students aren't anything like that while the school is a private catholic school it isn't anything like other catholic schools. The students are very disrespectful to the staff and the teachers they say things that normally would be considered as grounds for expulsion or even suspension but the school does nothing to combat this and lets it keep happening. Our students are also very disruptful in class and in the hallways especially the lower class-men. Some may say that they should get away with it because they are still young and barely out of middle school but I don't believe that is true because some other underclassmen are very respectful. This type of behavior is also apparent in the upperclassmen as well. So the school at times may not even feel like a safe place like other catholic schools because the students are a joke.

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