Describe the type of student who should attend Young Women's Preparatory Academy. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Young Women's Preparatory Academy, Class of 2016

My school is for females who have interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). A student should attend my school because this school wants girls to pursue STEM fields to better our future. Since the population of women in STEM fields are low, we want to increase these numbers. In fact, these numbers are increasing each year. My school invests thousands of dollars for girls to apart of clubs, organizations and programs. In our school community, we build a sisterhood with each other through teamwork and love. We motivate and encourage each other to be phenomenal. Empowering girls is important because women sometimes lack motivation. My experience at Young Women's is unforgettable. In the future, I will be coming back to speak to the girls at my school.

Anonymous, Student, Young Women's Preparatory Academy, Class of 2016

Being a Monarch isn't just about being in an all girls school, it's about character and how you hold yourself. She should be someone who wants to go the extra mile, that craves more for her education. She doesn't have to be a natural born leader, however, she should have the brain capacity to be one. She stands tall and never gives up when times may seem dire, and will always stand by her friends.

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