What is a typical Adams City High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Adams City High School.


Anonymous, Student, Adams City High School, Class of 2016

Adams City has it's diversity, but the majority of students are Hispanic. The students there are involved and with a school as large as ours, its pretty noisy. A typical day would include getting breakfast from the cafeteria and hanging around with friends until the bell rings. After heading to first period, they conduct themselves in a student- like manner through the day. The halls are crowded but there is not as much pushing and shoving but more of asking people to move politely. Lunch rolls around and kids are socializing outside with friends until i's time to go back to class. Once school is over, a sea of kids will either go to the buses to go home, or those who stay behind will head to tutoring, clubs, sports or other activities on campus.

Anonymous, Student, Adams City High School, Class of 2016

Although Adams City High school is a mainly Hispanic school, there really is no "typical" student that goes there. There's the jocks, the nerds, the theater kids, the skaters, and may more. So any student that were to attend Adams City High School would more than likely fit in just fine due to the diverse environment.

Anonymous, Student, Adams City High School, Class of 2015

I would say that the average Adams City student is just like any other student with tons of potential, but because of the culture surrounding the community, the students tend to be unmotivated and don't seek out positive role models.

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