What is a typical Etiwanda High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Etiwanda High School.


Anonymous, Student, Etiwanda High School, Class of 2016

Those that attend Etiwanda are usually students that always do their best to be as good a student and person as possible. They are involved in various clubs and sports alongside AP and honor classes with time to volunteer at a nearby community center.

Anonymous, Student, Etiwanda High School, Class of 2016

Etiwanda is extremely diverse and for that reason I don't believe there is a "typical Etiwanda student." Anyone can attend Etiwanda and they will feel right at home while also being exposed to plenty of new types of people.

Anonymous, Student, Etiwanda High School, Class of 2018

An Etiwanda student follows the A-G requirements, follows and respects the rules, and gives as much school spirit as possible.

Anonymous, Student, Etiwanda High School, Class of 2016

Many students at Etiwanda High School find great pleasure in attending Basketball and Football games, attending school dances, and participating in numerous community events. There is a place for almost everyone at Etiwanda High School, although outgoing, friendly, and positive people will, no doubt, revel in the great amounts of opportunities available to them.

Anonymous, Student, Etiwanda High School, Class of 2016

Although this question could be answered in multiple ways because of the diversity among Etiwanda High School, there are a few key commonalities between the students. The average person is accepting and open-minded to various interests and personalities. By walking through the Etiwanda campus, it would be found that students are not broken up into cliques or different groups of social standing. When attending, a student should not wish to intimidate others or make them feel inferior, but instead be welcoming and encouraging to everyone. It is a point of pride that in spite of contrasting personalities, Etiwanda High School is overflowing with unity and spirit.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Etiwanda High School

Typical students are friendly and knowledgeable, especially since they have access to many resources enabled with cellular technology.

Anonymous, Student, Etiwanda High School, Class of 2015

It's hard to say since everyone is so diverse here at our school. We don't have too much of everything since there are many different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, religions, sexual orientations, etc... Anyone can come to our school. We don't discriminate or hate others. In fact, we mostly look after each other on campus. Unfortunately, a junior just a week ago committed suicide. We held a memorial service in her honor last Friday and released purple balloons in the air as they were her favorite color. We did the same for another junior who passed away last year in a car crash as well.

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