Would you recommend attending Chaparral High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Chaparral High School, Class of 2016

Of course I would highly recommend students to attend Chaparral because it has so much to offer and the staff are engaged in the affairs of the students. We have classes and programs for all kinds of students including the advanced thinkers and those with mental handicaps. AP and dual enrollment classes are options for the advanced thinkers and those with mental handicaps have their own course of classes depending on the severity. Even so, everyone plays a role in our school either through groups or helping out their own classes. There is no student left behind. There are counselor aids and information pamphlets in regards to preparing for college that everyone has access to. Even if a student fails a class, they have a choice to retake them over summer for free. Even if a student wants to get ahead, they're able to also take them over the summer. A student is able to change classes if they feel that they are academically misplaced. And even if a student struggles to get past a language barrier, there are special programs to help the English language learners on and off campus.

Anonymous, Student, Chaparral High School, Class of 2018

Yes, I would recommend going to Chaparral High School because the school environment that they have there is absolutely phenomenal and their ASB committee is so spirited and enthusiastic and it just makes students feel welcomed and apart of something. Chaparral is such a great school but not just the school itself but the students, teachers, and other staff members are very helpful and care about each of their students.

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