Which 3 extracurricular activities at Baltimore City College are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Baltimore City College, Class of 2016

Sports are the most popular activities at BCC (Baltimore City College). Basketball, football, choir and band have the most people competing to participate. I would recommend cheer leading and the International Club however. International Club holds a fair every year that every student lines up to attend. The fair has food from a multitude of different cultures and is bustling with people for a whole day.

Anonymous, Student, Baltimore City College, Class of 2015

We have so many sports, activities, and clubs available at BCC it's hard to keep track! We have over 30 clubs available, we invent some and lose a couple every year, and we also have a variety sports. The three most popular extracurricular activities at my school, in my opinion, are the Strong Women of Today and Tomorrow (SWTT), our well-known Choir, and the Marching Knights. However, each of our clubs is different and we encourage everyone to join more than one if possible. Each and every club becomes like a family to you, and we have enough clubs so that you won't feel as though you have to join this or that because it's popular, no- there's something for everyone. I recommend that you join what you like and will readily, wholeheartedly participate in; join a club that you don't mind spending your time on; if you love to sing, join our choir! They're amazing singers, they've won so many awards and have so many trophies from over the years, they are really passionate about what they do and I'm proud to see that tradition carried on through our generation. SWTT is a women-empowerment group of young ladies, grades 9-12, that commit themselves to improving their community by participating in service learning activities, relationship seminars (what to do and not do in relationships, how to deal with break ups, etc.), assisting at our open houses; they also have a step team. As a 3-year member, I am proud to have been a part of this organization and I do not regret joining one bit, and I'm going to miss my SWTTsters (SWTT sisters) more than I can describe because they are so warm and loving. It's a great way for freshmen girls especially to make new friends, learn how to deal with high school, and learn how to have healthy relationships with the people around them. I am also proud of our Marching Knights; this includes members of the Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band so there's a little something for everyone. Students are expected to strive for polished marching performances at football halftime shows, parades, and band competitions; as well as musical growth in Concert and Jazz Band. Their goal is to produce an excellent instrumental unit that can march and play, look neat in appearance, and proudly represent Baltimore City College High School and the Baltimore City community (let's not forget about those teamwork skills!) These activities, and all activities at BCC will be worth your time, energy, and the love you will spend when you join.

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