Describe the type of student who should not attend Eldorado High School and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Eldorado High School, Class of 2019

Students who should not attend my school are: students unwilling to think about their futures, abuse their own respect, and neglect the opportunities given to them. Eldorado High School is a place of learning, and encourages students to do all three of these things on a daily basis.

Students that are unwilling to think about their futures should not attend my school. My school offers many college prep classes, dual credit classes, and learning programs. They constantly remind us we do have a life out this building, and enjoy preparing us for our futures. Slacking students are quickly noticed, and encouraged to do better. Therefore, students should care about their futures to be a good student at my high school.

Abuse of the student’s respect is something highly discouraged. We believe respect is not given, but earned. If any teacher loses respect for a student, that must be earned back. The student abuses their own respect by slacking in school, being rude to their peers, and dishonoring the code of conduct. Students who participate in this kind of behavior should not be a student at Eldorado High School.

Neglecting the many opportunities given to you is basically a crime at my school. We are so blessed to have so many classes, and clubs to participate in. Students who are unwilling to take the opportunities, do not belong in our curriculum designed for our futures. Therefore, these type of students do not belong at our school.

I also believe that students who are unwilling to think about their futures, abuse their own respect, and neglect opportunities given to them can change the kind of student they are. They just need the motivation, support, and stability Eldorado High School offers.
Anonymous, Parent of student at Eldorado High School

A student who just does not have the ambition or just doesn't want to learn. The school gives you every opportunity to succeed. If you can't learn here you just can't learn at all.

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