Which 3 extracurricular activities at Palmdale Aerospace Academy are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Palmdale Aerospace Academy, Class of 2019

Robotics, Soccer, and Volleybal are the most popular extracurricular activities at my school. I would recommend Robotics because it will let you participate in a team with a subject that will constantly come up in the future.

Anonymous, Student, Palmdale Aerospace Academy, Class of 2017

The top extracurricular activities include the FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST Tech Challenge and a tie between Civil Air Patrol and Science Olympiad program. I recommend both of the FIRST programs offered at my school because they introduce students into a new age of 21st Century Skills which they get to apply constantly while under the FIRST program. For those not interested in academic extracurricular activities there are still sports at the school as well.

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