Asked about: Rowe High School

Would you recommend attending Rowe High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Rowe High School, Class of 2016

yes, because i would love to be in this school of so much enthusiasm and intelligence which is good for everyone who gets great experiences

Anonymous, Student, Rowe High School, Class of 2016

no, there is too much gang related activity at Rowe. It is very difficult to get a good education with all of the fights in the hallways, Teachers have a hard time focusing and we in turn follow.

Anonymous, Student, Rowe High School, Class of 2017

I recommend attending James Nikki Rowe because this is the type to take in a student who needs extra helps and turn the student into a responsible high leveled student. But i see Rowe as a school full of pros and cons because not all high schools are the best. Pros, James Nikki Rowe provides many opportunities for every students. Such as dual enrollment academies which i am actually attending. The academy i am currently attending is DEMSA which gives me a plan to have 60 credits from South Texas College to graduate with along with my diploma of course. Now this is not a regular AP class at your local high school this is a class with real college instructors teaching and expect every student to have manners such as adults. Rowe High School has given their students chances to pass their courses and pass with the best they can. The Counseling system at Rowe is just one of the best i have seen so far. For my classes at DEMSA i need textbooks for each of my class and i was impressed to see my friendly counselors have all these books ordered already! Not only that but they can handle the first two weeks full of schedule changes with out a tear. i am amazed my the way they care for every students education like if they were their own. Cons, Rowe High School gives opportunities for students to pass with at least the score they are capable of. I understand that 9th and 10th grade are barley understanding what college is and is noticing what they want to fulfill in their careers. But why is that 11th and 12th grade having to still be babied? Some teachers at Rowe give the easy way out for students pass! Why is that? Students go and attend a 7 hour period with 8 periods every week day to LEARN. In college from what i have is experienced is that re-test are not always allowed, homework is not reminded through messages the students check themselves, and the professor responsibility is to make the course challenging to each student. Why can 1-2 years students soon to be college students get a taste of what college really is. Lets get realistic here NO ONE babies students in the real life. Preparation for the REAL LIFE of a COLLEGE STUDENT should be the main goal and priority for Juniors (11th) and Seniors (12th), Other than that i recommend Rowe High School with all my heart but there's some minor things that need to be changed,

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