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What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Amarillo College?


Anonymous, Student, Amarillo College, Class of 2015

Amarillo College may be a community college, but there are some pretty rocking activities held by our student government. The student government holds events such as, a back to school event, (which was a movie last year), an event called "Fall Fest" where the school brings in a cool band, and awesome food. Those were just a few cool events the student government holds on our campus. Another event some people enjoy is to attend the school's theater productions. The last few productions I have attended were definitely enjoyable, and never disappointing. Lastly, clubs put together certain events to draw people to join their group. The club for teachers always has pizza during their meetings, and they do some fun activities.

Anonymous, Student, Amarillo College, Class of 2017

Amarillo College students listen to live music, attend plays at the AC theatre and hang out and enjoy each other's company!

Anonymous, Student, Amarillo College, Class of 2018

Local sports teams (personally I play roller derby and I know there's many different sports teams in the area), traveling and social clubs.

Anonymous, Student, Amarillo College, Class of 2018

The student government association at AC have fun activities at least twice a semester. They have a Movie night at the beginning of the fall semester to get students to feel comfortable. New students get to see all the clubs available around campus while clubs set up booths with games and poster describing the club. Students get free roasters coffee during finals week.

Anonymous, Student, Amarillo College, Class of 2015

We have a wide variety of intramural sports, so to start off they will be solid for number 3. We also have an institution nearby that allows you to have simulated rock climbing on rock walls and I feel like that is number 2. In Amarillo, we live nearby Palo Duro Canyon so, as my personal favorite, there is a very large number that enjoy going out and hiking at the canyon.

Anonymous, Student, Amarillo College, Class of 2016

Badgerama. Sometimes kids go hang out in the den and play pool or some other games. On some mornings you get free coffee or free burritos.

Anonymous, Student, Amarillo College, Class of 2019

Most students typically get involved in Amarillo Colleges extracurricular activities such as sports and getting involved in the community. Another thing students like to do on there free time is go to the park. It relieves the stress that many of us have from all the studying for tests. Socializing is another activity students like to do because we get interact with different individuals and can know them on a more personal level rather then just knowing them because of a class.

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